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I've been looking forward to last Wednesday for quite awhile. Although it isn't quite Christmas just yet, it was Christmas and my brother's birthday all wrapped in one. Big day right? See the thing is teenage boys are challenging to shop for. I just don't have the eye for what is cool and interesting to a 14 (and soon to be 15) year old boy. The entire OBEY clothing line is just a mystery to me. I don't get it.

What I do understand is that my brother is very calculated in what he likes and doesn't like. He picks things that not all of his friends are on board with - or even know about. So for an example, Jake told me in the Fall that one of his favorite teams is the Clippers, I had to ask why. There is always a reason with Jake. The reason? Jared Dudley. Jake has been watching Jared's career since he played at Boston College, at which point Jake was a mere 9 years old when he graduated.

So, it was a shot in the dark when I googled for a contact email. And, just beyond my wildest expectations when I got an email back. I quite literally leapt out of bed as I read the note. And as we got closer and closer to game day, I just couldn't believe this would all work out. Like a house of cards, I just was waiting for this awesome surprise to become a reality of missed connections. It didn't.
I got us some awesome seats from SeatGeek for an amazing price (40% of retail value). We ate pretzels, hot dogs, and drank a beer in the stands... and then Jake got to meet Jared after the game. A highlight? Jared said it was the first time he had seen a fan wearing his Clippers jersey. Even some other guy took a picture of Jared signing Jake's jersey cause it was that cool of a moment. 
As we were walking out of the TD Garden, we all just couldn't stop saying how nice Jared was. In Jake's words ... "When you were talking, you could tell he was listening and that he cared. He's just a really nice guy". Which is why we forced Jake to take this picture with us to commemorate the moment in the freezing cold on the Boston streets. Totally worth it.

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  1. What an awesome sister you are! That will be a treasured memory.


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