Adventures in Skiing!

About once a year I go cross country skiing. And while I did go a few other times when I was younger, I'm pretty much referring to NYE 2010 and NYE 2012. So my experience is limited - but that's the great part about cross country skiing... it's like you barely need experience. Slight exaggeration probably - but that's what I love about this activity.

So with the recent snowfall over the weekend and no work on Monday ... I was gearing up for an adventure. I did some light research and found this place just outside Boston called Great Brook Ski. The place is something like 25 miles from Boston but quite literally feels like a world apart. It's reminiscent of visiting my friend Anna in Lincoln. Except with about a million more really tall trees and my rented cross country skis.

When I checked in the nice guy named Jake asked me if I had any experience. So, when I subsequently wandered off into the woods for 3 hours... I was moderately convinced he would send a search party for me. Before I left he told me to call him if I got lost ... I'm not sure he had much confidence in me. In those few hours, I literally had so much fun that I couldn't believe it. 
Trails. The trails are really approachable and manageable. Also - there are so many signs that you just can't get lost or misdirected. 
Cost. $25 for a day of fun. I almost bought a season pass but just couldn't be convinced that I would make it out here 6 times. When I was trying to figure out if I should go, I did some quick research on other winter adventures ... spoiler alert? cross country skiing is like a steal.
Easy Exercise. According to the amazing map, I think I did about 5 miles of skiing ... and some moderately excessive picture taking. I was so excited about how much fun I was having that I FaceTimed my parents.

I'm definitely going to come back here some time - hopefully soon. I did read that they let you ski at night a couple times a week in some certain areas ... that they have lit by LANTERN. I mean, that seems like a dream. The only thing that would have made this place better is snacks. They don't have any.

Here are a few pictures of my adventure... and that picture 

[1-2] If these lanterns don't entice you to do some night skiing, you must have no sense of adventure.
[3] Nothing better than skiing through some open fields
[4] This picture is accurate. I fell down. Twice. But I didn't care (clearly) because I was just having way too much fun
[5-6] Just me. The woods. And my yellow map.
[7] So the Woodchuck Trail is like the black diamond of cross country skiing apparently ... or at least here ... and I finished it. I could NOT have been more excited. I may or may not have fist pumped once alone in the woods. 

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