beach bliss

I've been on vacation for a few days and it's been pretty great.

I excel at taking vacations. I guess theoretically this is a staycation since I didn't technically go anywhere... either way, I'm winning. I made an awesome to-do list last Friday of things that I was hoping to get done this week and I've made some great progress in knocking them down. One of the things on my list was to "check out Provincetown". I've never been and people rave about it. That being said, they normally rave about it in the summer... when it's warm... not cold.

I've been watching the weather a bit for a day that held clear skies and today was the day. I didn't really have much of a plan for what to do except that I just wanted to drive down and drive back and step out onto a beach. At the last minute, I decided to take the family dog Ruby May with me... and it was awesome. Ruby May LOVES beaches.

There is no real eloquent way to do a photo dump - but just trust that I did delete about 50 other pictures of Ruby hauling around her favorite beach toy and us holding hands in the car.

[1-3] The adventure begins. Also, that is most certainly a fully erect tree - WITH LIGHTS - in the back of a pickup truck.
[4] We were the only people here. And by here, I mean everywhere we went. It was awesome.
[5] Top of the beach. I had told a friend of mine that I wanted to take a quick daytrip down to the cape for the day and he suggested I drive down Long Nook Road. I was suspect, but Zach knew what he was talking about. As I stood at the top of the hill, I was completely blown away.
[6] Look at that happy girl running like crazy on the beach. Adorbs.
[7] Is there anything better than some happy puppy hugs? Maybe being warm while doing it. We were seriously cold. I could barely take some snaps on my iphone.
[8] Shells and puppy toys.
[9] On our way back from the Long Nook Road beach, we tried to hit up the Mass Audubon Society but they wouldn't let dogs. Dumb. So I randomly decided to check out this lighthouse and it was gorgeous. I mean, hello, christmas wreath ... red lighthouse. Win.
[10] Look at that stunning co-pilot.
[11-12] After checking out Nauset Light, we drove over to Coast Guard Beach... primarily because it was nearby and why not. It seems like quite the hot spot during the summer due to the number of signs I saw for shuttles. No thanks, I'll just keep coming in December.
[13] Powder Point in Duxbury... just to stretch our legs a smidge.
[14-15] At the end of our "tough day" we were handsomely rewarded with this beach sunset near home. I mean, that's dreamy right?

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