Outdoors with Ruby May

There is this really interesting balance that comes with "going home for the holidays" when everyone is home. It's amazing and relaxing ... and an adjustment. It's probably a weird intricacy of getting older and having routines. I'm used to spending my Sundays quietly drinking coffee and watching CBS Sunday Morning - as opposed to discussing laundry logistics, what the cream cheese options are, and whether or not we will all watch the Patriots game together. To be clear, all of those are blessings but just so comical that they are even adjustments.

So in an effort to get a little exercise and quiet time, I took a walk in the woods with Ruby May and baby sister on a perfectly foggy and warm Winter day. It was warm enough to warrant leaving the heavy coats behind along with any element of gloves or hats. We headed out to Norris River Reservation in Norwell and wandered for a couple of hours. Ruby got to run through the woods a bit and find sticks. We got to stroll with appropriately themed Starbucks lattes in hand. A win for everyone. Norris is quickly becoming a great place that I love to frequent when I'm home for a little fresh air (2011 and 2012).

The rest of the day was spent in front of the fire watching the Patriots game, sitcom reruns, and working on a puzzle. Just before it got dark for the day, I took Ruby for a last jaunt of the day to a very foggy golf course. I barely edited these pictures ... it really just looked this awesome out there. 
Now... to finish wrapping presents, make some cinnamon buns and chili and clean out an embarrassing stockpile of cooking magazines. I found one from 2008. Seems like 5 years is long enough to spend in the corner of my bedroom ...

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