Packing Update

Things that I've been thinking about:
  • How much weight will I gain in Italy?
  • My (self) manicures normally last for 2.5 weeks. What about that last 1/2 week?!?
  • Will Ray Bans make me look like a tourist?
  • I hope it's sunny so my hair gets lighter.
  • Should I try and keep track of how much cured meat I consume?
  • Will my North End cred get me anything in Italy?
  • How bad is it to wear leggings? (See above comment about weight gain)
Also, this is what I ate for dinner tonight... the night before I left for three weeks in Italy.
And I'm sure it is cliche but I downloaded "Under the Tuscan Sun"and "Eat, Pray, Love". To balance that out I also downloaded "Pitch Perfect".

Lastly, I am 95% packed ... and this is how I'm travelling for my entire time in Italy. There are a few things not in here yet ... like my jeggings and my passport ... but I'm impressed and scared all at once that I have packed this little. Before you judge me for the jeggings, it's primarily because I'm concerned about my other pants not fitting me around day 12.
Yikes. This is really happening.

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