oh hey, I'm going to go to Italy.

Oh you know just your casual family bike ride around the neighborhood post Easter dinner.

It's been a bit since the last update... and that's in part because a lot and a little has happened.

A little:
no cooking
no cleaning
no Harbor walks

A lot:
I'm going to Italy for three weeks.

If I've learned one thing in writing this blog over the past three years, it's that I stop writing when I'm confused and a bit stressed in life. So the past two weeks have been spent realizing that what I've been thinking about ... is actually happening.

And since I haven't quite figured it all out yet (that would be boring)... I don't really have an itinerary to share. Plus for the sake of safety, I wouldn't. (Somewhere my dad is breathing a sigh of relief)

Here's what I know thus far:
- I will hit Venice and Florence and Rome. I want to see much more than that of course. On the list? Siena, Cinque tera, Amalfi Coast, and some hillsides in Tuscany.
- I'll be takin the train everywhere.
- I know about 5 words in Italian
- My sister is joining me for the first week!

And most importantly .... I'll have an amazing time.

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