Live Update: How much jam do you want?

Just a quick post before I head out for my last full day in Italy.

I wanted to share how insane the breakfast spread is at the Waldorf Cavalieri in Rome. And yes, that is the size of a piece of toast (above). It is the biggest piece of bread I've ever seen.

There are 3 rooms of options, including: french toast, omelets  eggs three different ways, gluten free options, multiple meats, and salmon just to start. 
 The tomatoes are still on the vine... and the most red I've ever seen.
 Oh, you want some jam or spread for your toast? There are TWENTY options. I had the pomegranate raspberry... but I could have had white chocolate. Yes, that was possible.
 More cookies. Some covered in chocolate. Some gluten free. Some tasted super bland. (I still ate them).
 Initially I was concerned there weren't croisants... then I realized there was a whole special table for baked goods. Three cakes, the freshest donuts ever, multiple muffins, and soft chocolate chip cookies. I actually didn't have a cookie, but considering how good everything else was I assume they were soft.
Bonus picture? Sunday is clean the extravagant marble water feature / chandelier day apparently.

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