This morning I woke up and it was Thursday.

That seems obvious. But what it also meant was that this time next week I'd be in Italy ... and perhaps more specifically hiking the coast of it.

Sometimes I get a little anxious about this trip. But then, I think about when I would ever get another chance to take three weeks and go to Italy without a real schedule. Although some days, it would be great to have a husband, a boyfriend, a roommate, a baby, a toddler, or a house .... I get to go to Italy without thinking twice. Also, I wouldn't want all of those at once for many reasons of which it would be confusing to have a boyfriend and a husband.

I had to borrow this picture from Pinterest because I haven't been there yet. But I will be soon and it will be amazing.

p.s. I haven't packed yet. But I did buy a new mascara, so that's something right?

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