Day 9 (Part 2): The Tuscan Sunburn

When I first started to vocalize plans for this trip to Italy, I heard a fair amount of advice – but the one thing that really stood out among the tips was to visit Montepulciano. It didn’t seem as though it would be super easy to do however…. Primarily based on my guidebook.

When I failed to get one of the spots on the San Gimigano tour, I knew I’d have to make a go of it myself in Montepulciano … and I’m so glad that I did. It was absolutely worth every minute and penny … and sunburn.
The train to Montepulciano was direct from Siena but took you a bit outside the town center. I had heard rumors of a “bus” that would come and pick you up but I’ve never been one for buses, especially when I don’t speak the language, maybe another day. So instead, I made my first Italian phone call and dialed the cab number that was on the sign. Within 5 minutes, my new friend with amazing hair and cargo pants had arrived in a van smothered in logos. Maybe this is how he makes extra income?

My driver friend and I agreed to meet at the church at 4pm – which gave me nearly 5 hours in Montepulciano … which honestly was a bit much regardless of how pretty it was. The city is really great for wandering since its long and narrow and on a hill, so you pretty much know where you are at all times.

Despite having my Rick Steve’s guidebook handy, I aimlessly wandered without noting names of any sites or churches really. If I was to describe Montepulciano to anyone, I would say amazing doors, old people, and vistas. Also, I went into every church that I passed and they all looked amazing and so different than ones I’d ever been in.

End result:
  • I got a little bit of  Tuscan sunburn on my face
  • I saw a woman walking a bunny talking to a nun
  • I fell in love with doors
Also, I bought these amazing crackers from the grocery store that are essentially olive saltines. I need to find out how to get them in bulk. Immediately. Lastly, the grocery store sells olive trees and they are only 8 Euro. If I felt like I could (1) get it home and (2) keep it alive... I would have bought one in a second.

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