I spent this past New Years in Vermont with my friend Meghan. While we were sitting on couches across from each other one morning milking some cups of coffee (or maybe it was evening beers?), I realized that this was the 3rd New Years in row that we'd celebrated together.

Then I realized that we'd been friends for over 5 years.

A whole lot has happened in 5 years and some of it has been documented on this very blog ... or at least the last 3 years. I've begun to realize how quickly time moves. I know that's silly ... and obvious... but man is it true. I don't have to look much further than my little brother for an example of this. Within one year, he went from an "adorable little blonde new teenager" to a "taller than his sisters braces wearing sneaker lover". Sometimes, I like to show my friends pictures of my brother just for their reaction on how big he is now.

It's amazing how much has happened in the last year ... and not a lot at the same time. I haven't done an exceptional amount of travel. I went to Maine once, Vermont twice, NYC twice, and Florida three times. I've stayed in the same job the entire time and the same apartment.

But in the interest in being slightly retrospective for my 500th blog post, here are some of the things that I've done slash learned in 2012:
  • I bought a kitchen table and I like eating at it. When I make dinner for Baby Sister, I like that we light a candle and actually have a conversation over the meal. In 2013, I'd like to have more people over for dinner. 
  • I made several things for my apartment: roman shades for my kitchen, a terrarium for my living room, nautical art for above my bed, and all the ornaments / topper for my Christmas tree. If I could figure out how to soundproof my windows from drunk street people, I'd be a very happy camper.
  • In February, I ran my first half marathon. Since then, the farthest I've run at one time is maybe 5 miles?
  • I fulfilled my goal of cooking more than 52 recipes in one year. The final tally is not quite complete but its above 60 and I loved it. Recipes ranged from ice cream to gnocchi ... in summary there was a solid amount of bacon and a dozen soups.
  • While I am not interested in providing statistics to show how unsuccessful I was moving from date 4 to eternity, I will say that I have a learned a lot about how important laughter is to me. Prior to 2012, I had stuck to finance dudes and teachers. In 2012, I branched out into lawyers, one doctor, a political marketer, and a guy who managed retirement communities. (When I was making these notes, I wrote "science?" next to one guy and "headband?" next to another). Let's not forget the drunk guy who peed in the harbor.
  • I have learned that there is always a line at Pizzeria Regina in the North End. I will never understand this.
  • I quit cable over the summer and have barely missed it. It does help that I have access to Netflix and Hulu.
  • For 5 months I did yoga very regularly. Beyond the benefits of getting to wear loose t-shirts and leggings, I felt super strong. Now, I'm back to running because ... well it's faster?
  • I found a bench on the harbor that I absolutely love. It is a phenomenal place to eat a breakfast sandwich and watch some really big boats float on by.
  • Over the summer I bought myself an actual vacuum. It is only moderately embarrassing that I lived for a year without one. Before you judge me too hard, I have mostly wood floors in my apartment. By wood, I mean fake wood that my 73 year old landlord put down.
I have high hopes for 2013 and beyond. I'd like to travel more. Have more people over for dinner. Get my kitchen knives sharpened. Buy myself a dutch oven. Learn more about my finances. 

The motto that I'm taking into this brave new year... You can't forecast who will cross your path in life ... but you have a little control over the path. Yep, I just made that up myself.

Oh and here are the other big posts. 200 and 300 and 400.

and now 500.

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