Reunited with fresh air

A year ago I visited Norris River Reservation by myself one Fall afternoon. It was pretty great. I told myself that I'd be back soon. Heck, it was really close by and not streneuous ... at .... all. 

Then, I moved to the North End. And when I came home to my parents' house I refused to leave the neighborhood. Why walk in the woods when I could walk by the ocean? 

But today it just seemed like we needed some extra fresh air... and by that I mean space from not leaving the house for over a week (except for a trip to the CVS Minute Clinic, two trips to the grocery store, and one trip to the dentist). I managed to get my little brother to join in the fun with the promise of a hot chocolate and a donut.
It's a little scary how big he's getting. He's officially taller than both his sisters. And get this ... he has hobbies that he knows about. He can provide about a 20 minute educational lecture on sneakers. I'm not sure what I could possibly give a 20 minute lecture on... West Elm duvets? How to make a BLT? Why it's not terrible to eat a whole box of Kraft Mac and Cheese?

While I work on figuring that out, I'm going to retreat into the corner of the couch. I just ate a whole box of Mac and Cheese and I should think about my actions. Also, there is a fire and I need to bask in the glory of that.

Later yo.

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