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My mom sent me an email this week articulating that she was tired of the food posts.

I mean I guess that's fair. Especially if you haven't bought into the Downton Abbey themed meals. Out of the last 12 posts, only one was non-food related ... and that was my 500th post.

I can't believe we are beginning to wrap up the month of January. It's a bit shocking. I've essentially spent this month planning for Downton Abbey meals, eating them, and going to Ohio. That's trendy right? There hasn't been a whole lot going on. I mean it's January, what really happens this month anyway?

  • thinking about how my computer is running out of space due to all my pictures
  • lusting after a Le Creuset French Oven ... in Marseille blue
  • trying to get my life in order via the postal service (i.e. mailing back things I bought that were dumb. hint, I can't pull off a peplum style dress)
  • rented the movie "First Position" for a flight to Ohio. Get your minds out of the gutter folks. It's about ballet.
  • read a weird book called "Super Sad True Love Story"
  • slowly drinking all of the red wine I have in my apartment
  • dying from excitement regarding an email from an old friend asking for advice on the monkey bread
  • getting an email from a friend/coworker saying her hubs loved the looks of roasted cod dinner from last weekend (hi taylor!)
  • still haven't turned the heat on once in my apartment. what? I have an electric blanket and a fondness for fleece anyway.
There is one other bigger thing that has happened but I'll save that for until I can properly pull that post together. 

Until then, here are some iPhone pictures from the last few weeks....

chilly weekend walks along the harbor
nomming on a half BLT from Flour Bakery in Southie
using some home dried bay leaves that I got in my Food52 gift swap 
spending many hours at Logan Airport ... including this particular 3+ hour delay
hotel workouts in some trendy tie dye tshirts
trading in my "broken" ripped Patagonia vest for a new version. (p.s. I've had that vest since 2007)
taking in a crazy high tide along Boston Harbor
checking in on my seal friends for the first time in a long while
capitalizing on a work from home day with a mid-day run by the harbor
finally finding some amazing food in Ohio. Yep, thats some ale mustard cheese ... warm olives... blue cheese drizzled in local honey ... and feta with truffle oil. Bam.
snagging that window seat for the flight home
... and finally saying good bye to Abe

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