just to keep you posted

Just to keep you posted. 

I’m still dreaming about taking that Tuscany vacation … except now I think about taking more time off. Like a month. 

I know it seems extravagant / excessive / solitary … but let’s be real. It is also adventurous slash exciting. 

Thinking about it gives me this leaping excited feeling in my chest. It’s that same type of feeling you get before a really great date or when I was standing here and looking at the view. Just a moment where you know you are making the right decisions. Or if you aren’t quite sure, you know that the decisions you are making are safely pushing the boundaries of comfort and personal growth. 

I know myself relatively well. There is about a 20% chance that I go through with this – but even the idea of a week in Italy on a culinary vacation makes me excited. 

The problem is that, I can’t decide where to stop. I mean if I’m going to go all the way to Italy … I might as well swing by Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece? 
Don’t worry countries that aren't on my list equal Serbia, Albania, or Bosnia.

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