Hidden Boston Gems

I'm not totally clear why it was over 60 degrees in November today ... but it was.

I took excellent advantage of the day ... and my proximity to the harbor. 

I started off with a breakfast sammy from a new place ... called My Cousin's Place. I consumed said sammy whilst sitting on a bench overlooking the harbor. The sammy was made on a real english muffin ... not a generic one. And, it was a sandwich sized version ... which made the bacon egg and cheese just delightful.
Then I returned to my apartment to do some emailing, file organizing, and calendar invite accepting. Busy day.

However, the best part of the day came at exactly 2pm. See at exactly 2pm every day (except Friday) the Boston Customs House Tower is open to the public. I'm a sucker for a great view and Boston, so visiting this landmark seemed like a win win. I had always wondered about checking this spot out and this guy I went out with a few times this summer highly recommended it. Despite the fact that he was a condescending know-it-all ("Did you know that BCG is one the top consulting firms in the country?" "Oh, you drive a Jeep. That's interesting. I would have said Jetta") he wasn't wrong about the view. Oh, and this is the same guy that I ran from on the street
looking North... Zakim Bridge, the Garden, the North End, and the Waterfront
looking East ... the Wharfs, the Airport, and a hint of Southie
The Customs House ... all 29 floors of it.
looking South. Financial District.
sibling love.

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