fall in the park

Today I woke up a little bit hungover. I guess that's what happens when you are 29.

I vividly remember consuming many more drinks during grad school and before that ... with minimal repercussions  Now? I require 2 hours of Hulu / Netflix followed by a Theo's breakfast sandwich. Not either, but both. 

I ate my breakfast sandwich at my favorite spot on the Harborwalk in the North End. Thanks to Sandy, I had to sit on a bench since all the Adirondack chairs have been removed. Boo to that. 

Craving a little bit of warmth, I headed to the park with visions of a Starbucks latte and reading magazines on a bench. I never got the latte but I did get the warmth. Instead I had a piece of pizza and stopped in every store I had ever wanted to while I walked through Beacon Hill. 

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