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Tonight I had planned to write about bacon jam or how I'm decorating for Christmas. But instead, I ate roasted brussel sprouts and left a long voicemail for my friend Ria. I leave terrible voicemails that are all sorts of rambly and not focused. (Kind of like this blog post?) I call with one thing to say, then I get distracted and next thing I know I've hung up the phone and it's been a minute and a half. Whoopsies. 

I'm still doing some thinking about things that might turn into posts but in the meantime it seemed worthwhile to capture some of the recent activities.
  1. I recently bought myself an electric blanket. It's amazing. I fall asleep instantly when I get into bed because it's like someone is hugging me to sleep. I'm also quite sure that this amplified my faux-elderly status times one billion. I also don't care. Triple also, if you are my apartment insurance company, don't worry. The blanket has an auto shut-off.
  2. Yesterday I had such a terrible headache when I got home from work. It was so bad that I turned off all the lights and just watched tv by my Christmas lights. Today, I did that just for fun. I also lit a candle. It was all sorts of romantic, except it was just me. 
  3. I belong to this fancy all high on itself (for a good reason ... it's amazing) gym. Due to the rotation of the Earth / seasons / global warming, it's dark at the end of the work day ... so I've started to workout during lunch. This is great for my metabolism (I think) but terrible for people watching. You know who works out during lunch? Dads. 
  4. My sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. I told her socks. Does that make me officially more or less boring? Does it help that I wanted it to be a multi pack and for them to be neon? You'd think I'd want the neon so it'd be easier to match them... but I rarely wear matching socks. It's overrated. I also asked for metal measuring spoons.
  5. Last week I realized I had no idea how big / small my apartment was... and it seemed my excuse of "I'm terrible at judging space" wasn't cool anymore. So I broke out the measuring tape the previous tenant left behind (THANKS!) and got to work. For future reference, I live in a space that is approximately 450 square feet. I say approximate because I'm quite sure the slant of my floors affected my inability to measure accurately.
  6. I saw this prank video while I was at the gym today about people who were scared in an elevator when the lights went off and a ghost baby appeared. (You can watch it here). For the record, this would not be cool with me. At all. Funny story, one time I was riding in the elevator with my boyfriend at the time. The elevator was in his building and the light was out in it. I said I didn't want to ride in it unless he would hold my hand. He said no but I got in anyway. I was so freaked out that I couldn't feel him near me with my arms so I lifted my leg .... and kicked him in the face. He was mad but to be fair, I did warn him that I was scared. He can't have been too mad, we dated for two more years.
  7. I can't wait until it's acceptable for me to send out a picture Christmas card to my friends and family. I know you all say that it's okay for me to do it now but let's be real, you judge your crazy single aunt just like you'd judge me. The minute I get a dog / cat / something worth paying to have printed on card stock 50 times.... I'm doing it and I might even pay for the matching envelopes.
That's enough for now. I need to finish peeling dried glue from my hands after making Christmas ornaments for my tree. I can't get it off with water and if I show up to work like this tomorrow people will think I have a skin condition.

Happy Tuesday.

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