Welp, I'm addicted.

I have a problem. It's called nutella.

Snack foods don't stand a chance in my house. I try to not buy cheez-its because they have a shelf life of two days. I can normally get a bag of pretzels to last a week. But a bag of tostitos? three days... especially if they are the lime ones. I routinely shift the bag around so I can see all the chips and determine which ones have the most amount of lime flavor on them. I don't even care that you can "see" the flavor.

Did I mention that I live alone? I consume all of these things by myself.

After college I used to date someone who never ate dessert or snacked for that matter. It killed me. For years I claimed I "wasn't a dessert person". I think this was all a bit of a lie. I fahking love a little sweet treat in the evening. Nothing in particular and nothing routine, but sometimes a little wedge of cheesecake sounds amazing.

But recently I've been slowly demolishing my stash of nutella. It's terrible slash amazing.

When I started this habit, I would try and wait until 8:30 to have my evening delight. Then 8:30 turned into 8 pm ... and this week ... I could barely wait until 7:30. That's when I knew I had a problem.

So, I'm going nutella free for two weeks. November 29th I'll be back on the sauce.

Until then, I'm going to be dreaming about my favorite ways to have nutella. I like to split my nutella stash between these amazing rice cakes from Whole Foods .... and squishing it between two Whole Foods gingersnaps. And when all else fails... just lick it from the knife.

See you in two weeks nutella. I'll be drowning my sorrows and addiction in red wine ... that's a better option right?

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