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Last night I went to bed with my Christmas lights on in my bedroom. But because I refuse to string a tree with less than 300 lights ... it's a little bit bright. 

So, I also slept with my eye mask on. 

You'd think that the mask would negate the lights being on ... but it didn't. I still knew they were on as I fell asleep. And it was great.

It got me thinking about some of the other seemingly weird habits I have ... and that are totally fine because nobody else lives with me or frequents my apartment. I have been essentially permitted to establish these habits about hanging towels, k-cups, and refilling my brita because nobody fights me.

So it got me thinking, who is crazier ... single people who are 28+ .... or old people? It's about routine for both segments but with old people it's like they deserve their habits more than I do. They've been doing it for 50+ years! They always buy orange juice in bulk and can't refuse a sale on bacon! They won't throw out empty water bottles despite the fact a doctor told them to. 

Then you have me.
  1. I'm allowed to eat tootsie rolls in my gym clothes while drinking wine because nobody knows about it... until now. And if someone were to come into my life, I wouldn't change that. Because I've been doing this for awhile now ... and it feels good.
  2. I refuse to watch the NBC Today Show. I will watch static on ABC, CBS, or FOX before I let Matt Lauer seep back into my life. 
  3. I unplug all unused appliances (iphone charger, coffee maker, etc). I blame my dad for this habit... and my competitive electric bill tendency.
  4. I will not eat Annie's Mac & Cheese. That is blasphemy.
  5. I will not open more than one cereal box at a time. It goes stale. Stale cereal is terrible.
  6. I never put the covers on my contact lens case.... but god forbid you don't cover the toothpaste.
  7. I leave water glasses all over my apartment. At least I'm hydrated?
  8. It drives me crazy when people touch my computer screen or fold the corners of books.
  9. I won't do the dishes immediately ... but I throw out junk mail before it even hits the kitchen table.
  10. I will eat only bacon for dinner (sometimes).
I'd argue that I'm probably going to be worse than an old person. I don't deserve any of my habits. I am the way I am because I've either accumulated that habit from a loved one... I saw their habits, they seemed good... and now I won't give them up. Or I generated that sucker all on my own. 

So in the war on crazy... I might be losing. But one day, someone is going to find that sampling of 10 listed above endearing / hilarious / mind boggling. And when that happens, I might let Annie's into my house... 

Happy Almost Weekend.

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