the birth announcement

for consistency sake.... here is my final posting from the "old blog".

If I was a super popular blogger, this would probably be cause for a party sponsored by some trendy cupcake company and prosecco. But, since it's just me I'm going to eat another Dove Promise and press "publish"

Consider this a birth announcement.

I’m pleased to announce that my new blog is born. After much text messaging and conversations with friends over names and even a multi-hour video chat … I have finally settled on a new blogging home. 

Hopelessly Techie was me for quite a while but this blog soon became a whole lot more about cooking, adventures, and life as opposed to why Amazon Prime is the best decision you’ll ever make. Seriously. It is. I am having toilet paper delivered today and last week I bought a container for my favorite cereal. But don’t fret … I’m still hopelessly invested and interested in technology … that will never change. But as my comfort with sharing has grown, I’ve been more interested in documenting more of my life as opposed to just what I do on my iPhone. 

All of the blog posts you’ve fallen in love with and found to be the most brilliant thing you’ve ever read…. can now be found at WJD. Same goes for the recipes. Getting lost domestically and internationally. And those pesky thoughts on life

So, come join me over there

I can’t promise you a good time but I can promise some strong visuals of me covered in flour attempting to make bread. 


p.p.s. Here are the blog posts you've missed out on:

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