Cottage Cheese and Dill Bread

This almost sounds like a joke.

I was in a slightly rough spot this week when I found myself with an excess of fresh dill. I honestly never thought that would be something I would say. See dill is just "fine" but it's not a fresh herb that I look to stock up on or really ever buy. In fact, I've only used it three times. When I made dilly beans. When I made leek potato soup. When I made pickles. And now this time for dill bread. If it was the summer, I would have immediately opted for some potato salad. It feels like the most obvious use of dill... bread might be the least obvious.

Sage and parmesan Meatballs

One of my all-time favorite “just got home from work and I’m starving” meals is just meatballs. Not meatballs with sauce. Not meatballs with pasta. Just meatballs in a dish with a little parmesan and a dash of soy sauce. I’m not even kidding.

I normally have a batch of meatballs in the freezer just for occasions like this – but given that it was summer and I was eating a lot of avocado toast… and then it was winter and I was moving and not filling my freezer. It got to be just about now when I realized I was meatball-less. Over the Christmas break, the local grocery store was having a killer sale on ground meat – and specifically the ones ideal for meatballs. So I stocked up and have no excuse anymore.

Turtle love // Day 3

Today was the day that we’ve dreamed of. Turtle Hospital Day! It was also surprisingly so much more than just turtles. Although that was all we had really planned, we surprised ourselves with a drive to Key West for lunch and beautiful sunset dinner. Such a winner of a day.

Despite hugging myself to sleep last night after Bloodlines, I couldn’t resist catching sunrise on the beach. Initially I thought I had missed it because the horizon was this faint shade of orange… but no, it was only going to get better.

To the keys // Day 2

Our first real day on vacation was a success. We started in Miami and ended in the Keys. It was bright and sunny. We got some seafood in us… and closed the day tucked into bed by 10 pm. Another far cry from our previous Miami trip when dinner reservations were just getting started at this time.

We grabbed a quick to-go breakfast at the Fontainebleau and hit the road. But not before having a hard time recognizing my Hertz rental car at the Valet stand. I literally had to look up the Hertz email to confirm that I had rented a gray Nissan Elantra. No big deal. The drive to the Keys was not short but completely flew by. It was just under 2 hours from Miami Beach to the Amara Cay Resort in Islamorada. 

Oh Miami // Day 1

Well nothing says a start to a winter vacation like a threatening blizzard and landing in a rain storm... right? Meghan and I planned this long weekend a little spontaneously to take advantage of some work travel. Although we almost cancelled due to the allure slash fear of missing the blizzard, we pushed on through. The plan is essentially to take a few days in the warm weather and visit the Turtle Hospital in the Keys. That's it. Anything else will be gravy.

So while a Miami landing shrouded in rain isn't a highlight, the rest of the weekend looks pretty solid - or so we hope. I’m not sure the last time I was on a vacation in the pouring rain. I’m sure it’s happened but I just can’t really remember a time it sidelined the day so much. The half day was spent getting in the hotel gym and people watching in the lobby. The lobby doesn’t have a moment of quiet with music blasting and beyond expensive sandwiches … but there is always a price to pay for people watching.

Despite the heavy rain, we ventured out to a seriously delicious dinner at Maccialina. Miami Beach has some oddly heavy traffic. It took us over 45 minutes to drive 3 miles. I can’t stop thinking about how tasty our meal was. We split the burrata prosciutto appetizer – of which every bite was perfectly salty. I ordered the beet pasta because I can’t resist beets and I hate the mess they make in my own kitchen.

Tomorrow? Headed to the Keys. We tucked ourselves in bed by 10 pm tonight which is literally the opposite of our previous trip here. We had dinner reservations at 10 pm that trip. This time, we are watching Bloodlines on Netflix because it apparently takes place just where we are going tomorrow.

Butternut squash, bacon and sage quiche

It's been about a lifetime since I made a quiche - or so it feels. Each time I'm always pleasantly surprised at how easy these gems come together. Quiche is pretty much impossible to mess up. You can seemingly put anything you want in as well .... which helps to reduce kitchen waste. While those pros are all a bit utilitarian, a quiche is also the perfect thing to serve at a brunch for an old friend. Win and win.

If I won the lottery...

I'm not a betting woman. There are probably two main reasons for this. I hate losing and I hate wasting money. All that being said, the Powerball is at $1+ BILLION dollars. I'm just not even sure what one person does with that much money. So, I figured I'd make a list of what I would do if I won the lottery.

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