precious tiny poppy flower


Just last week I was swearing the left third of my garden was a bloomless wasteland. Slightly dramatic but it felt accurate... especially when compared to the bountiful garden that I had imaged and planned. The benefit of being home sick for nearly the entire month of February was that I had plenty of time to plan my vegetable garden and alleged cutting garden.

The downfall of the garden came when a lot of the bulbs were initially out of stock from Floret and then continued when the seedlings did the opposite of thrive. The bright side has always been the sunflowers. So damn easy and so damn hearty. Lessons learned for the future. 
Other bright spots? The Dusty Miller. I love this one for so many reasons. It has a subtle sage color to it and the leaves are almost a little fuzzy. A few weeks after transplanting them in the garden they really took root and have nearly doubled in size. I'm not exactly sure how to treat them like a "cutting flower" but I imagine they look beautifully romantic in almost any arrangement. That being said, they'll probably just stay in the garden all summer because I love seeing them there with their scallop shell row marker.
Then, the unthinkable happened. One of the poppies bloomed over the weekend. Like overnight ... all of sudden ... a tiny white flower appeared out of the middle of nowhere. I think I actually shrieked out loud. I had completely given up hope on them. Despite how weak these seedlings felt, I decided to transplant them several weeks back and just give it a shot. A few more of them suffered some severe blows by the wind (literally).
And while I wouldn't consider these poppies a "success", I am beyond excited by the few blooms that seem to be popping up. On Saturday? One Poppy. On Sunday? Two Poppies. It does look like there will be a few more coming but I do not expect them to look like bountiful, strong flowers on the Floret website. Boo hiss.

Other garden posts to come? My love of geraniums and slate walkways.
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peony season is back


Oh you beautiful little wonder. The peony.

So bright and cheerful. So feathery. So elegant. So lightly fragrant. Also, so damn seasonal.

So sad.

I didn't understand the magic of the peony until probably like 5 years ago. I'm not sure what world I lived in. But peonies are just amazing. The house we grew up in had a semi-circle driveway surrounded by peony bushes. This meant absolutely nothing to me. But I do remember peeking out the living room window curtains and catching stranger ladies cutting our flowers. I had no idea why.

what I planted

I began to plan my garden in February. Yes, February. I wanted to be very intentional with what I decided to grow and I wanted to do it from scratch. No pre-manufactured solutions here. I cobbled together a grow station with lights in the garage. I lovingly selected the seeds for things that I would be excited to see grow.

Not everything was a success. Pretty much all the flowers I tried to grow from seed were a failure - except the sunflowers. This was particularly disappointing because I was so excited about them. I had selected a few options from a west coast flower farm called Floret Flowers. Their Instagram will make you feel like you are living in a pastel pollen filled dream. Maybe I'll try again next year.
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