maine warms my heart

Maine warms my heart.

Kind of in the same way that my heart warms when I sit in an Adirondack chair with my legs flopped over one arm rest since the other arm rest is responsible for my beverage.

I only sat in an Adirodack chair once while I was in Maine this time. But that’s just fine because I spent the rest of my / our days drinking coffee while the tide came in, visiting places I hadn’t seen, and attending spontaneous gatherings. Oh, and there were beverages and they were often consumed under the light of the Moon with some picturesque body of water gently lapping just a few feet away.

The last time I documented Maine … it required 3 blog posts. But given that I'm three weeks behind, it'll be one and it'll be picture heavy.

This trip to Maine was a little different than the past two. Much more "land exploring" and slightly less boating. We meandered around Rockland and Damariscotta. Went to an actual bookstore - can't say that I've done that in awhile. Had an amazing sunset dinner for two at the Anchor Inn Restaurant post Monhegan adventure. And went to the store called "The Walpole Barn"... that is in a barn... and I pretty much never wanted to leave. 

Trail down to the dock. I always wake up early and meander down to sit and watch the tide come in.

Crazy calm. The best part about that tree over the dock? You can still sit on the dock in the rain and not get wet. Well if that isn't amazing, I'm not sure what is.

Attended a spontaneous dinner party on Friday night.... complete with fireworks and dancing in the rain under the blue moon. That's the truth.

Ah-maz-ing. New Harbor on our way to Monhegan Island for a day of hiking and adventure.

Just three ladies soaking in the view.

Water as far as the eye can see. Amazing.

I'll take a bouquet of these to go thanks.

Pretty sure that this was the best idea we had all day.  I was responsible for guarding the chairs while Meghan picked out the ice cream. She did a bang up job. I died with happiness.

Morning dock time.

Amazing farm stand in Warren, Maine. If you ever stumble on "Beth's Farm Market"... stop. It'll blow your mind.

Oh just a tri-color blue ombre anchor cake for someone's birthday. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

Things not captured? Breakfast at the most amazing diner in Maine. Wearing fleece to bars. Cozy reading in front of the fire. And. Nightime pillow chats across a loft from twin beds. Perfection.

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