oh boy.

Snapped this picture while I was home in the burbs over Labor Day. I've always been intrigued by the patterns that the water makes in the sand during the changing of the tides. It's almost like veins running in the sand.

I'm stewing around on a lot of things right now.

Plus, I'm feeling like I'm neglecting my brand new baby blog here with things I have wanted to write about - like these amazing blueberry oat scones I made last weekend.

Alas, I haven't.

But thankfully, it's going to be the weekend and I don't have a single thing on the calendar. I plan on knocking a few items off my to-do list and spending more time in my bed than normal. There is something really decadent to me about sleeping late (which for me is past 8 am). When I do decide to open my eyes, I subsequently plan on drinking coffee in bed.

On the list for this weekend:
  • Might attempt canning tomatoes
  • Send a package out to a friend who might need a little pick me up
  • Work on a top secret surprise
  • Clean up my pictures from Labor Day in Maine .... and last year's trip to Yosemite (I'm that far behind)
  • Make something in my crockpot for weeknight meals
  • Try something new for Sunday dinner
  • Rent a movie and spend Saturday night in the corner of my couch
So we will see.

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