my dad is 40

Do your parents age? Mine don't.

I nearly died of shock when Facebook told me that my dad wasn't 40. 

I mean, it's obvious ... he's not 40. I'm 29. Based on the pictures I scanned last November, I know for a fact that he wasn't 9 when he married my mom and 11 when he became my dad.

I stopped aging my parents when they reached a certain age. It seems fair. Parents are always reflecting on when we were little and wishing they could freeze time. I even do it with my little bitty baby THIRTEEN YEAR OLD brother.... who is now taller than me. If I could turn back time to when he was small enough to wear overalls and snuggle with me while we watched endless "Thomas the Tank Engine" movies, I would... in a heartbeat. 

But since I can't. I might as well share some of my favorite pictures that I scanned of my dad and I.

And before you judge me for not including any of my other family members... just know that all of their birthdays are fast approaching and they'll get their turn.

So happy birthday to the man that always:

  • ensures I have a full tank of gas before I leave the house (and my tire pressure is great)
  • will pick up Purple Cow ice cream for the ladies of the house regardless of weather or time of day
  • thinks nothing of picking up my sister's cat for a weekend at the "beach house"
  • offers to pick up my BLT lunch / dinner / appetizer from the golf club
  • jumps right in with a critique when the ladies are watching So You Think You Can Dance
  • stocks the house with seasonal appropriate beverages (Sam Summer, bottles of red wine, hot chocolate)
  • thinks nothing of making a roaring fire for a Netflix session in the family room
  • comments on my blog :)
... and perhaps a few other gems.

So thanks for all the ice coffee Dad and the gift of humor .... and all of those sandwiches you delivered to the beach.

In the event, you thought we stopped taking pictures when I was sub 10 years old... here is one that just warms my heart from this week. I had a spontaneous dentist appointment in the burbs that resulted in a sunset walk by the ocean and night spent in my parents' house. A win in my book.

Shortly after this picture was taken, I updated my Dad on my dating life and he subsequently made me a grilled cheese on whole wheat bread. Then we watched multiple episodes of "New Girl" while he fell asleep on the couch. Spoiler alert? Your dad will be just as confused your girlfriends as to why someone said what they said. 

Happy 40th Birthday Dad!

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