Sea Lions.... and Airplanes (Day 7)

I can’t even remember what life was like traveling pre-smartphones. It’s really an incredible convenience. For example, after I used my iPhone to navigate to SF today I not only found the nearest BART station, but I also bought my plane ticket to LAX and reserved my rental car. In probably less than 5 minutes.

This morning I woke up not to my alarm, but rather to the rain drops hitting the windows. Le sad. If it was raining, how was I going to re-do my beach jumping shots? Don’t fret. The rain cleared shortly before sunrise and it was a gorgeous morning. Thanks again nature.

(1) Morning Beach Action Because of all the rain that we got the night before the sand was super cold on my feet, but I didn’t let that stop me from running around. When I first started this vacation, I would kind of wait for people to leave the scene before I would set up my tripod and run around… now it’s like I’m putting on a show. I’m totally on board.
A couple of things?
  • Is there anything better than the beach in the morning? I’m not sure there is. Especially when it comes with coffee and crashing waves. 
  • There was a paddle boarder who was doing some serious work on the waves. I was impressed… all I could remember was that giant seaweed I had seen the day before. 
  • Anytime I’m looking out at the open ocean, I secretly think there is a chance I’m going to see a whale jump. I really believe this. One of these days it will happen, just probably not off the coast of Scituate, MA. 
  • Upside to freezing cold feet? Warming them in front of the fire when I went back inside :)

I was really reluctant to leave the beach. It was like if I didn’t leave the beach, the party wouldn’t be over. So as a stall tactic, I called my mom to check in and say hello. She asked me how I was and then proceeded to prove to me that she’d read my blog by reciting the key facts from the day before. (Good girl Mom). I also conveyed to her how pleased I was with myself for “perfecting” the beach jumping and she said “if that isn’t what vacation is for, I don’t know what is”… or something like that. I’d have to agree with her.
(2) Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz was not an intended target on this trip but I was reluctant to just drive to the airport. That didn’t seem super exciting. So instead I looked at the map and saw Santa Cruz … plus I saw on the news last night that there were whales “playing with” (or just jumping near) some kayakers… and that seemed exciting (not that I’m was going to be doing any kayaking. 
Santa Cruz was a wee bit deserted. Yes, it was like 10 or 11 in the morning …. But I was hoping for a bit more activity. This place was shut down. But…. BUT…. The seal lions were still around to give us a show. Thanks Sea Lions. 
A few things?
  • Some of these suckers were huge and some looked like little babies. Regardless, I didn’t want to fall in the water. Not that there was a risk of it… but I just became really cognizant of the fact that they might think I was a play toy if I ended up over the edge of the wharf
  • After perusing the dock, I drove along the coast for a bit before heading back to the highway. There were tons of surfers. What are they doing for a living that they can go surfing at lunchtime on Friday? (BTW, I pretty much just realized it was Friday)
  • Santa Cruz reminded me a little bit of Hull, MA. I’m sure they’d find that flattering (sarcasm). I bet it has a whole lot more charm in the warm weather.

(3) Back to SF and on to LA! 
The drive to SF was super easy thanks in part to this new app I downloaded for my iPhone called Waze. It’s a turn by turn directions app that has a little bit of network effects thrown in there as well. The more people that track their driving the better the app will estimate routes and show traffic updates (I think). Anyway, it was super easy. After returning my beloved Chevy Traverse, I hoped on the BART and headed to SFO. 
The Airport is one bazillion times better than Philly but they don’t have (or I couldn’t find) an Auntie Annie’s. Which is probably a blessing in disguise and I should take that as a hint. Speaking of the airport…. this leg from SFO to LAX is the last segment I need to level-up on United. I’m not counting on an upgrade for my return flight to Boston on Monday, but it’d be nice :)
So what’s up next? I’m spending the weekend in LA and taking in the sights with my two friend Kristin and Jenny. I plan on feeling very non-trendy and I am totally okay with that. I’m staying with my friend Kristin and she lives in Koreatown (?). I might be making this up but I think that’s what she said over email previously. She mentioned all of the following activities: The Getty, Manicures/Pedicures, Comedy show, and perhaps a cozy home dinner. I can’t wait.

One of the best parts about this trip is that I’ve gotten to see some of my great friends all while taking in adventure and reminding myself what I find to be important in life. I’ve been thinking about how this adventure is concluding soon and what I plan to take away from it…. So stay tuned.

So far? We had a lovely catch-up session and ate dinner at Bottega Louie. The food was phenomenal and the people watching almost even better. We had the portabello fries .... with this super incredible dipping sauce. Then we demolished the Burrata pizza. I took home some white chocolate pretzels... which I hope make it to the plane although there is a strong possibility they get "taken care of" long before Monday AM. Also! I had this delicious drink called a "Moscow Mule" that was reminiscent of a mojito but not.

Bonus Images:
Fatty sea lions :)
View from the end of the Pier looking at Santa Cruz. I wish that roller coaster was running!
Arriving into LA. What lovely weather!
  Dinner with Kristin :)

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