Painted Nails and Juice Bars (Day 8)

  Don’t be too disappointed in me. I didn’t take a lot of pictures on Saturday. I’m sorry but I was busy enjoying the sun and catching up with friends. 

The day was primarily filled with walking around Santa Monica and doing very leisurely things, but I did start the day by eating two chocolate covered pretzels in bed. What? It’s still vacation. The pretzels are delish and if Kristin wasn’t here, I probably would have had a third (or fourth). 

One thing that totally blows my mind is how varying different parts of LA can be. I mean in 10 minutes you can go from urban city to ocean lover. It’s really quite great. And that’s exactly what I did. I went from urban city to ocean lover when I went to Santa Monica.

So what happened in Santa Monica? 
(1) Chit chat 
(2) Lunch 
(3) Mani / Pedis 
(4) Romantic Pier Walks and Dinner

Now for the details....
Santa Monica was super easy to get to and really great to walk around. I went to Jenny’s adorable apartment and we promptly got coffee and walked to the beach. I wish I had a better picture to share with you but I forgot my memory card. Le sad. But, the beach really was gorgeous and it was so nice to just sit and catch up.

After strolling and relaxing and chatting.... we decided it was time for lunch. Our original attempt? This place called Huckleberry Cafe. I say "original" because we walked in the front door and were blown away by the delish menu they offered. Then, we walked to the back of the line... which was literally out the back door. I have NEVER seen a line like this for a food place. Next choice? The place next door called Santa Monica Seafood.
I had a phenomenal salad that came chock full of capers to my delight. Jenny had this delish seafood "stew" that came with giant delectably toasted pieces of bread.... and I may have eaten one of them :)
A few other delights from Santa Monica:
  • Jenny needed a new mattress, so we swung by Leed's Mattress store... simple enough right? Well, the guy (Robin) pretty much refused to explain the store and selection to us because "that isn't how they sell mattresses" and instead wanted Jenny to lie on all of them to see what she liked so she wouldn't become prejudice by price or name. No thanks Sir. Also, Jenny told him her name was Janet... and at that point I quite literally burst out in laughter. I attempted to cover myself by saying that the situation wasn't funny... I just had never bought a mattress before. Yes. Exactly.
  • After lunch we met up with my hostess with the most-est Kristin and got manicures and pedicures. Apparently, the color I picked (Wicked by Essie) was so great that the woman next to me wanted it as well. I'm a trend-setter. Who knew? (Certainly not all of my cardigans)
  • Post-beauty treatment, Kristin took me to this juice bar named Kreation where I had a lovely cocktail called the "grasshopper". Kristin is a pretty big fan of carrot juice, which I didn't even know could be made into juice. Who knew? Not me. The Grasshopper had apple, cucumber, mint and wheatgrass in it and I really liked it. Plus the man making the juice wonders was also super cute, that didn't hurt the sale either.

    Since dinner time was approaching, we decided that Mexican food would be appropriate. But before we dove into a pit of guacamole, Kristin and I took a romantic stroll on the Pier. The Pier seemed to be quite the hot spot and a great place to take in the sunset (see 1st picture above). The Beach also gave us a great opportunity to play on the swings which we gave our best attempt at....
    There was a whole group of people that were doing all of these acrobatics .... and I guess we just couldn't compete. Maybe next trip to Santa Monica.

    For dinner, we ate at this place called Lula Cocina and it was pretty good.... although Kristin was a tad bit disappointed. I will say that they certainly didn't hold back on the tequila in those drinks.

     One more full day in LA... and then it's back to Boston.

    So, I'll leave you with this gem...

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