Oh America

In continuing my tour of America the beautiful, I am now in DC. Yep, the capital of America.

I don't know how many people are lucky enough to see 3 of their best friends on consecutive Sundays. All I know... is that I am one of them. Need a reminder? This week DC, last week LA, and the week before SF. If only I'd been able to really close the loop and visit NYC....

I'm in DC this week for my first week of work at my new job. I can't even begin to describe what a different vibe I am feeling than I was 14 months ago. I'm not anxious. I'm totally relaxed and ready for my next adventure. But yesterday was anything but boring thanks to my tour guide / friend.... and I really enjoy starting my day with bacon so that was also a plus.

I flew down to DC first thing-ish on Sunday ... and was pretty shocked to see that the Sunday morning flights to DC were jam packed with people. But thanks to the close proximity of DC to Boston, I was able to be sitting down and enjoying a Bacon Bloody Mary at Bar Pilar shortly after noon. The food at Bar Pilar did not disappoint. Culinary delights all around.... 
Although the bacon eating for the day stopped after brunch, the fun did not. We also hit up Miss Pixie's to check out vintage furniture. Besides having a great name, Miss Pixie's also had some great deals. The furniture was so reasonable that Meghan ended up going home with two new great pieces. Really wish we had a "Miss Pixie's" of our own up in Boston. The furniture was made of real wood! Not Ikea particle board....

In an attempt to get our culture on, we ambled through a few exhibits at the National Portrait Gallery. I'm a sucker for things that are free so going to a museum for free? WINNER. Plus, we got to see some prettttty special folk art that really made you think. One of my favorites? This giant tinfoil masterwork by James Hampton. It took him 14 years to make.... in his garage. Can you imagine living next to this guy? I can't. [solid comical link about this, read it]
Another gem? We checked out all the president's portraits. Being the crazy smart and savvy ladies that we are.... we noticed that the trend of president's having facial hair ending at the beginning of the 1900s with Taft. Don't believe us? Just take a spin through the Gallery and you'll see that we are right. Last point about this place? Bill Clinton's portrait. It for reals doesn't match all the others. You can clearly see that the portraits have gotten more relaxed over the years.... but really Bill? This is just a trip.
Well enough with the art.... after all these adventures.... we weren't done yet. On our way home from the museum, we just swung by the White House. Spoiler alert? It looks bigger on tv. I know that makes me sound disappointed but I wasn't. People always rave about DC in the Spring... but I'm pretty impressed with DC in the Fall. Gorg.
 So, how did we wrap up the day? By drinking some half-price Spanish wine and dominating some great tapas like plates at Vinoteca..... with flamenco dancing! Super awesome. We very much "dominated" the menu. Plates we ordered? Goat Cheese flight [incredible], Roasted Sweet Turnips with creme fraiche [unbelievable], smoked butternut squash risotto [um. wow], and the Bison Strip Loin. I'm still thinking about the fingerling potatoes....
Nicely done America. Nicely done.

Also, since I didn't bring my fitbit with me I was wondering how far we walked.... according to an approximation by the Goog.... about 5 miles!

Bonus Picture:
The ladies in front of Barry's house... weird that he didn't invite us in for a glass of water.

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