It's Naomi, thanks.

I'm on day 2 of returning to the working world and I really just want to work. 

Is that so bad? I have this crazy itch to get into the groove of things again and maybe start making a difference in this great world of ours.

In life I tend to balance between being hyper-involved and wallflower. Big range right? I cover both of those traits with sarcasm for good measure... but sometimes I prefer to just sit back and let the magic happen. This week I've been a pretty quiet work/training/professional conference room occupant. So much so that at our "event" tonight, a few people even commented on how "talkative" I was compared to the class. 

My new coworkers know very little about me as a person and I tend to keep it this way on purpose. I'll reveal more to them as is needed. One tidbit I revealed at the event tonight? My love of bacon. Apparently it's not normal the amount of BLTs (and bacon in general) that I consume on a consistent basis. Seems normal to me. They were also quite impressed with my compensating factors for using turkey bacon (if required) and other ways to maximize bacon consumption. I didn't tell them that I'm the voice behind Yes, that link is for real yo. Check it.

Bonus coworker interaction? One guy told me I looked like Naomi Watts. When I responded with a kind "thank you" and I've never heard that before.... he was shocked. I've never been told that I look like anyone. I think I've always just looked like myself.
Post coworker interactions.... I met up with Meghan for a bonus dinner. You can't just eat cheese fries for a meal.... or so I heard. Meghan took me to the Logan Circle area which had a bunch of cute and probably delish places to grab an easy, yet awesome, bite to eat. We ate at the Logan Tavern and were not disappointed by the "bistro"-like fare.
You are lying to yourself if you think those scallops aren't tasty looking. 

I'm currently in the process of not trying to burn out my culture hostess Meghan. It's a hard balance between wanting to use every opportunity we have to see each other ... and the drain of working and entertaining each night.  I think we'll work it out just fine.

Tomorrow's goal? I'm hoping to go for a run in the morning [AMBITIOUS] and perhaps check out some snipers at the White House over happy hour [FUN]. Oh, and I'll go to work in between. I've got some conference room sitting to do.

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