It's a loaner

You know how when you don't have something you need a friend loans it to you?

My sister loaned me her cat for the weekend.

It's not that I *need* a cat. It's more than I needed some entertainment. See I haven't set up cable or Internet at my new apartment and well .... Those are important for keeping me entertained normally. If I can't wait Bravo or dvr'd episodes of "parks and recreation" I must have something else ....

Enter: Rabbit the cat 

Rabbit was the perfect sort of company, except for the ankle biting. I could have used a little less of that. Rabbit has some interesting hobbies that took a little getting used to -- like his desire to hangout in the bathroom tub. More normal habits? Sitting on windowsills and falling asleep in a pile of clean laundry. I could have used more help folding but I don't think that is one of his skills.

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