Fall in the Yard

I've got a few more days left of vacation and so I'm spending them outside as much as possible.

After my walk to the beach this morning, there was this scattering of leaves in the corner of the yard. My parents don't have many trees that shed their leaves so it was a rare opportunity to capture some fall foliage in the yard.
I really enjoy taking one situation and looking at it a few different ways. Remember the one shell four ways post? or the one crab five ways post? Well, here is one chair (and leaves) three ways.

After being on my belly taking the pictures, I rolled over and just laid on my back. Even though the grass was a bit damp and the tree was almost empty of leaves.... it still felt / looked a bit perfect.

Bonus Image:
Since I can't control myself, here is what Minot Beach looks like when Fall truly has come. I didn't even know those beach rose bushes (or whatever is growing there) would change colors. An unexpected surprise.

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