Cultural Adventures in DC ... not at a Blind Pig

I experienced something yesterday that I had not experienced in a month. 


It was this really weird sensation and I didn't even really know what was happening until after I had "recovered". What was I impatient about? Running. Like all I could think about was putting on my running clothes and "hitting the open road". As soon as there was a roadblock to this plan, it was as though my mental state broke out in hives. (That's an odd visual right?)
Anyway. I was in such a state that I ended up running in stretchy pants (that are too long), carrying my wallet and sunglasses, and without my headphones. Seriously, but it was so great. My friend Meghan responded to my feverish gchats with suggestions of the "Key Bridge", some river, perhaps Georgetown... and its a mere miracle that I actually got to all three since I really just started running and happened to run into all of them. It was 3.3 miles of loving on America.
Post run? More culture! Hello, I'm in DC. Don't worry, I'll return to my hum-drum life on Friday... but until then I'm eating at Ethiopian restaurants and going to trendy bars that don't have signs. 

I was feeling all sorts of inappropriate amounts of confident after my run and hoped on the Metro to dinner. The Metro would have been just fine if I didn't get off a few stops early. I'm honestly not too sure what I was thinking, but it happened and I ended up in a part of town that would have been fine in daylight... not as much under the cloak of darkness. So, I flagged a cab and asked them to take me to Dukem. I'm pretty sure the driver was a teeny tiny bit insulted when I asked if he knew where it was  ... turns out he's Ethiopian. But whatever, its not like I can distinguish ethnicities from the back of a dark cab. I also couldn't understand a thing he was saying except that he liked coffee, and that I wasn't going to the best Ethiopian place he knew. Thanks guy!
Ethiopian food did not disappoint. Meghan had hinted that you get full a lot faster than expected as a result of the "carb delivery system" that comes with Ethiopian food ... otherwise known as injera. Its essentially thicker than a crepe but thinner than a pancake that hasn't been flipped. Don't worry this would make sense if you had it.

We ended up ordered Spinach Sambusas for an app-e-teaser and then splitting a "meat" option and a "veggie" option.... otherwise known as #27 and #33. Technical right? Anyway it was great.

If you are thinking the trendy stopped at Ethiopian food, you'd be wrong. Meghan has really raised the bar ... and took us to a speakeasy. Yes, exactly. The Gibson is alluring to me for many reasons. One of which is that they don't want you to stand. You are essentially supposed to sit the entire time and not meet new friends. PERFECT.
Since the essence of a speakeasy is that it's a secret, the website is essentially pictures that aren't of the place and an email address. As a result, if you want to know more you really need to read this Washington Post review. Each of the ladies all had a different cocktail... although we didn't share. Oops. I should have offered. I had the Hay Fever, Meghan had the Bubblegum Pop, and Melissa had the Bolts (see bottom for ingredients). And yes, they tasted as good as they looked. Not free for sure.... but hell, I was also paying for the exclusivity of going to a speakeasy in 2011. Note: If you clicked the "speakeasy" link above (and here), it would have taken you to Wikipedia.... where you would have learned about the differences between a speakeasy and a "blind pig". To boil it down, apparently a "blind pig" is a low-class dive where only liquor and beer are served. So.... not The Gibson.

That was pretty much enough culture and activity for a Monday evening, so I headed back to my suburban delight of the Hilton Garden Inn in Arlington. I guess it's not really suburban.... but it's also not the happening area of DC or that Georgetown place I quickly ran to. Another thing that I've learned about DC? The cab drivers are not in a rush to get you anywhere. A little part of me wants to know how pissed a pregnant lady gets and if they are willing to drive any faster for her.... and by a little part of me.... I mean a big part.

Goal for the rest of the week? See one of these "typical" DC tourist spots at night. I've got three more nights to make it happen.... and I'm feeling really confident and not at all impatient, but we'll see.

Bonus Picture:
Meghan and Melissa in front of the speakeasy .... without a sign.

Drink notes: 
Hay Fever: Bison Grass Vodka, lemon, grapefruit, St Germain, Grenadine
Bubblegum Pop: Pinnacle whipped cream vodka, lime, Creme Yvette, Grenadine, Club Soda
Bolts: Plymouth Gin, Grapefruit, Dolin Blanc, Vermouth, Raspberry Syrup, Club Soda

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