my handmade Abe

You know when you are in a new relationship and all you want to do is just talk about the new person in your life?

You are looking for ways to just slip their name casually into discussions. Or, your friends catch you smiling at your phone in the middle of a windowless conference room. There is nothing good about that room, but you were just scrolling through pictures in your phone and there was  Blah Blah in all his glory.

Or, you end up out of town for a few days ... and all you can think about is how Blah Blah is faring without you. He can't possibly be existing. But it's fine because you'll be home soon and you and Blah Blah will have plenty of quiet time to enjoy each others company.

Well folks, I'd like to introduce you to Abe. My Christmas tree and I love him. He's a tree and he likes sprite and aspirin. Yes, that's for real.

Enough about how amazing he is, feel free to admire him yourself.

p.s. Also, I made all of those ornaments myself this year. I covered myself in glue for a few straight weeks in the process but ... it was all worth it.

p.p.s. I also made that star.

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