PB Molasses Heath Chip (Amazing) Cookies

It's swapping season ... internet style.

I signed up for this food blogger cookie swap back in mid-October .... and now nearly two months later.... I can finally write up the recipe I lovingly crafted for it. The premise of the swap is that you have to make something that is original to your blog ... but not necessarily original to you. I wanted to push myself a little bit so I made something that is new to me as well.

Let's be clear... I didn't exactly break the mental bank on this one. But, I do think these tasty delights are original and pretty great. I have eaten them for breakfast several times and that's really what counts.

So, let me introduce you to ... Peanut Butter Molasses Heath Chip Cookies.

I know... it's a mouthful.

When I was thinking about what to make I thought about my favorite cookie - the gingersnap - and what I could possibly do to it. I figured a PB Molasses cookie would be a win but that addition of the heath chip made it a grand slam.

I've made these cookies a handful of times since October in an attempt to "perfect" the recipe. I learned a few things about peanut butter along the way. The first and second time I made the cookies I used the PB I had in my apartment - so essentially it wasn't a new fresh jar. The third (and forth time) I made the cookies, I realized that I didn't need to add any additional butter or anything. So, keep this in mind when you are making these cookies.

And maybe you'll want to send them to a loved one? Or a new internet friend like I did? As long as nobody asks me for a social security number and occasionally comments on a good blog post that's a friend in my book.
Let's get started.

(Step 1) Mix together the baking soda and the sugar. 

(Step 2) Add to the mixture the egg and peanut butter. 
(Step 3) Lastly (if you used fresh PB) then add the molasses and the heath chips. Combine all the ingredients together. 

(Optional) At this point, you have to be the judge of your own dough consistency. Is it a little loose? Add a smidge of flour. The more flour you add the more crispy the cookie will be after baking. Is your dough too dry? Add in some melted butter. At the most, you should need to add 1/4 cup (or 1 stick).
(Step 4) Use a cookie scooper or spoon to measure and portion out your cookies. Peanut butter cookies tend to be flattened a bit, so its optimal to get them about to 12 per sheet (4x3). I am always a person that tries to squeeze more on the pan ... and this was worth being patient.

(Step 5) When you have the dough balls on the pan, you can either flatten them or not. If you don't flatten, they'll end up like melty ice cream scoops and a little softer in the middle... which is great. If you flatten, they'll end up like discs and little more crispy... which is also great.

My strategy was to dip the bottom of the a tumbler glass in the sugar and then us that to flatten the dough. This saved the step of rolling each ball in sugar (if you want to) but more importantly prevented the dough from sticking to the glass and evenly spreading out the dough.
(Step 6) These cookies cook real fast. Like 7 - 9 minutes fast at 325 F. You'll still enjoy them if you overcook them a smidge, but watch them carefully and pull them out of the oven when you see the edges turning lightly brown.


Shopping List (for ~24 cookies)
1 egg
1 cup pb
2 T molasses
1.5 cup sugar
2 t baking soda
1/4 melted butter
1 cup flour
1 cup heath chips


  1. What a delicious sounding recipe! You are so creative!! I hope that you enjoyed your red velvet cookies I sent. It was nice to have "met" you through the swap. Happy holidays!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I was travelling for work so I just got the package this morning. As an fyi, Red velvet cookies are perfect for 9:30 AM. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you so much for the cookies. Great combo, I am saving this recipe! True story: I ate 80% of them. I really need to learn how to share with my kids :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Ashleigh! Do yourself a favor and whip up another batch for yourself :)


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