bye summer

I'm wearing wool socks. That pretty much guarantees summer is gone right?

I've also begun to look at my closet each morning and realize the light summer dresses are getting pushed further and further out of reach. Such a bummer. But I'm a little bit okay with all of this because Summer was pretty great. 

This season was different since instead of visiting the beach for the weekend. I lived there. Last year my pictures were about me eating caprese salads on my fire escape and sunsets with big bridges in them. This year? Homegrown tomatoes and more water views than you can shake a stick at. I'm not even exaggerating a tiny bit. I went through the photos on my phone for the last two months? All garden and water and hot dogs. 

So farewell summer. Last weekend, I was fighting the seasons hard while figuring out what to cook for a nice dinner.  This weekend? I'm not. Might even make that roast pork loin and a batch of soup. Fall is here and I'm almost ready for it.
[1] can you see that tiny little moon in this cotton candy sunset?
[2] I met some of my neighbors earlier in the season and they could not be nicer human beings. I have literally never felt so welcome anywhere, ever. I dropped by some tomatoes one night and then stayed for dinner, and cake, and birthday singing. Love them.
[3] A very sweaty night at the Cohasset Music Circus seeing the Band Perry.
[4] I've eaten a lot more blueberry donuts in the last 3 months and I don't care at all.
[5] It is my personal mission to make the dentist more enjoyable. For some reason they find me hilarious.
[6] So many hot dogs. So little regret.
[7] Numerous "magic hour" dinners at Roht Marine. There are few better places to enjoy that time of day. Thankfully my friends also enjoy a nice early dinner with a view. It helps that they have a toddler.
[8] Catching sunset from the bench at the neighborhood kayak ramp. One of the best places.
[9-10] Not all the views are amazing this summer - but I always love catching the Boston skyline on my way home from Cambridge.
[11] One morning this summer, we missed the train and ended up eating bagels on Cohasset harbor in the sun. It was perfect.
[12, 14-16] Yep, still hot dogs.
[13] I managed to get in a morning walk nearly every day.
[17] Hard to beat this
[18] Discovered this old rail trail that deadends at a marsh crossing. It's so secluded and not all at once. It also happens to be very close to a Dunkin Donuts.
[19] Not as many walks with Ruby this summer.... but her habits haven't changed. She still loves sitting in tide pools.
[20] Emptying out my fanny pack from a month of sea glass. I need the fanny pack to hold sea glass and granola bars because ... obviously.
[21] Sunset view last Saturday night. You can see why we got distracted and ran out of time for the pork loin.
[22] Funny story. I spent sunrise this day with the fire dept after a faulty carbon monoxide alarm. I don't need to relive that moment anytime soon. This moment however when I was alone on a long dock over the marsh? Any damn time.

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