long weekends are the best weekends

Long weekends are seriously beautiful things. There is something so heavenly and magical about that bonus day when you can do anything you want. And perhaps because you already had two weekend days to do "life chores", you can do the things that you really want to do - whatever that might be. 

And this was yesterday. After a real rainy weekend, it was a phenomenally gorgeous morning that just inspired productivity and being outdoors. I'm still mourning the loss of Summer but a day like this was just the reminder I needed for why Fall is not a terrible thing.

Recipe for a great day? Drink a beautiful coffee, see some boats, steal the family dog, garden for hours, make some tomato sauce... and catch a real beaut of a sunset.
[1, 4-5] on the back deck at Lucky Finn. This might legitimately be the only town coffee shop. There are others that sell coffee for sure, but not where you can sit and read a pile of US Weekly magazines and gaze at the boats. 
[2] gigantic and windy waves
[3] super cliche latte... with the most amazing almond croissant I can ever remember. I don't like all croissants. I like good croissants but I love almond croissants. This one was so good that I will stop eating seasonal Reese cups shaped like pumpkins as a health trade. 
[6] I might have hit my stride on Fall plantings. It is still mainly kale and cabbage that you can't eat but just like any planting activity, I like it. Ruby was a good sport while we replanted at the family cemetery... until she was politely asked to leave - apparently dogs aren't allowed. 
[7-9] Ruby really hates the woods. You can see how little she trusts me here... but man does she love the water. As soon as we got to the end of the trail, I unclipped her and she immediately trotted down the bank and into the water. 
[10] As previously noted, I needed to spend a good amount of time in the garden - but I also wanted to. I needed two hands to rip out most of the dead sunflowers. My hope is that by cleaning out the dead vines and extra tomato branches, I'll be able to increase the chances for ripe tomatoes. There are still so many green ones... and I'm not sure what to do with all the green tomatoes.
[11] Still pissed that not all the mums matched but feeling pretty pleased about my kale heavy planters. I've bought all the white pumpkins that existed. I know this for certain because I went back to the greenery where I bought them and there are very few left. 
[12] Sweet Eleanor taking sun naps. 
[13] I took a quick walk to the beach while my tomato sauce roasted. It was pretty gorgeous. The moon was so bright and the waves were still so big but not in a nor'easter way.
[14] I'll never get tired of the tree silhouettes at sunset. Never.

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