bought myself a present

I'm not really one for buying myself amazing shoes, makeup or clothes really. I guess you could say that I invest in going to yoga, buying pancetta and cheese, and anything that falls into the category of fleece or vest. It's a constant struggle for me to not buy more cheese and more outerwear. At the grocery store today I think I bought 5 types of cheese: shredded mozzarella, baby bell cheese wedges, grated parmesan, and 2 goat cheese flavors. In my defense, all of the cheeses were on sale except the Baby Bell wedges. I need the wedges to "pair" with my pretzels during snack time. It's just important.

But last week, I bought myself a nice present. I upgraded my camera body from a D3000 to a D5500. My friend Sarah put the bug in my ear during Labor Day in Maine... and I just couldn't get it out. I took two trips to the local camera store, I kept the camera in my Amazon cart for weeks, and then finally pulled the trigger last week. I figured it would come and then I would look at it and decide... "no, I don't need this". But, the minute I took it out of the box I was hooked. It has this amazing feature of linking to my iPhone to upload pictures. As a result I was able to send my family gorgeous pictures of Ruby May from the beach. I'm planning on taking a online photography class to refresh my memory of the manual settings - like I did that time I was in Yosemite - but I played a little bit today out at this marsh / beach in town.

But today was a beautiful Fall day. The beach was beyond windy for a walk, so I took a little drive and found myself here. All the pictures are taken on manual settings... and having recently eaten a blueberry donut so I was clearly feeling very confident.

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