oh maine, good to see you.

Maine. You sweet lovely land.

This was my 6th visit to Maine for Labor Day weekend. I had a great streak going for several years but couldn't make it last year. Dumb work got in the way. So this year, I took off a few extra days and snuck up to Maine before the weekend even began. I guess technically that might mean I didn't spend Labor Day in Maine.

While I was driving up this year, I felt like I noticed some really different things. Small things like people burning leaves, new businesses, different roadside stands. However, all the great stuff still existed like the view, the friends, and the time to just sit on a dock and look for seals.

One of the best parts about getaways like this is the girl talk. The last time I saw most of these faces was at a wedding last year in NC. Not to get all nostalgic but it is always so refreshing and fulfilling to actually sit and chat with someone you love face to face. Plus, at night time as we are tucked into our beds there is pillow talk.

- WATERSIDE VIEW // returned to Coveside and Lobby's for lunch. It's hard to beat the view from both places... plus, the BLT was delicious. Oddly both places have removed the sandwich from the menu and in prior years have refused to make them for us. Thankfully this year was different.
- HOMEMADE // Meghan made an amazing Haddock Chowder. Seriously so delicious. I'm putting it on my to-do list immediately.
- TOMATOES //  So, I brought a pile of garden tomatoes to Maine... and it was so awesome to hear how great they were. I'm not ashamed to admit that complimenting my tomatoes makes me super happy and proud.
- BREAKFAST ON THE DOCK // An absolute highlight of these trips is eating at the Harborside diner - but this year we ordered takeout. And then ate it on the dock ... mostly still in our pajamas... as the tide came in... and the dogs explored the rocks and hunted for crabs. Perfect.
- CAKE // Since it was Meghan's birthday, I made a coconut cake. I originally had aspirations of making it from scratch... but then just modified a box mix. Sarah decorated the cake with the most amazing fresh strawberries ever.
- CONTENTED SOLE // I can't wait to come back to this place again. We boat cruised over during sunset for a cocktail and I totally fell in love. The menu looks amazing. There are picnic tables. A giant dock with a killer view. What more could I ask for?

- BOATING // Lots of time on the water this year. The amazing thing about this part of Maine is that the water is pretty much always calm because of the coves. So, you can just cruise around to your hearts content without a lot of rocking and getting hit by waves.
- IN THE WILD // I begin to behave like a toddler at the zoo when I see seals. Thanks to some well-timed boat rides we saw a good amount of seals. After lunch at Lobby's we even saw a giant eagle's nest... and the eagle. It was so impressively large. None of the pictures came out great but the scale of the nest was really impressive especially considering how far away we were from it.
- PEMAQUID LIGHT // I think I was last at Pemaquid in 2010 (?) maybe. The thing about Pemaquid is that the incredible rock formations are so alluring to tourists that occasionally one gets swept away each year or so. Thankfully the ocean was gentle and we were able to get down on the glacial rock formations and explore. So impressive. Later in the day, we also cruised by the Lighthouse via an evening boat cruise.

[top] Pemaquid Light
[1-3] Afternoon boat ride after lunch.
[4] For several years, I've thought about how amazing it would be to do some yoga on this dock. It was almost as amazing as I imagined. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a mat to protect my super bruised knees.
[5] Birthday breakfast
[6-8] Pemaquid Light
[9] Loved these colors and tones at Pemaquid
[10-11] More boating is always the answer. We went by this little island was pretty neat. Because of the ledge we could get pretty close and check out a huge eagle's nest... and see the eagle.
[12] I've absolutely taken this same picture many years in a row - but it's hard to resist at the South Brisol Lobster Co-op.
[13] Morning boating shacks.
[14] Meg's Birthday dinner and cake.
[15] View from Contented Sole. Gorgeous sunset and can't wait to come back here.
[16] Sunrise on the cove before hitting the road

ATE / DRANK // Coveside, Harborside, Lobby's, Contented Sole
SHOPS VISITED // The Good Supply. The Sea Gull store at Pemaquid. South Bristol Lobster Co-op
PLACES // Pemaquid Light.

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