To the Alps! // Day 6

After a couple days in Munich, you kind of feel like you might have seen most things you intended…. which is why it made obvious sense to go to the Alps today. It is pretty amazing how different the view is after a 2 hour train ride. 

Instead of just going to any part of the Alps, we headed to Zugspitze. Besides being impossible to say, it is also the absolute highest peak in Germany at 9900+ ft. Instead of having to scale the mountain and claw our way across the glaciers... there is just a sweet little train that does most of the work for you. So, here's how to get to the top of Germany:
1. take a train (1.5 hrs) from Munich to the valley of the Zugspitze region
2. take the cograil (1 hr) from the valley half way up the mountain
3. take a tram ride (10 min) to the absolute top

When we first got to the top of the mountain, it was really covered in a layer of fog but honestly within minutes more and more of the nearby peaks became visible. I can only imagine how much more spectacular the view would have been on a crisp clear day. The other interesting part of Zugspitze is that it is right on the Germany / Austria border - so you can cross between the two countries in a hot second. If I'm being honest, the Austrian side had more to offer... including a big wooden goat that everyone took pictures with.

Like any good tourist spot, they've also built in a few restaurants. At a near 10k feet, I was feeling a little bit off so it was great to shove some carbs in my face... while the rest of the family ate real meals. No biggie. I'm pretty sure that I'll never have a family dinner literally in the clouds again. 

Last night in Munich
Since much of the day was spent as a traveling team of 5, we broke off for a romantic last dinner in Munich. Having already researched "best sausage in Munich" a few times, we had Andechser am Dom already on our list. K got another variation of sausage... and I got another cheese plate. The best part of the meal was people watching some intoxicated locals buying roses for girls in the bar.

Tomorrow? Finding our way to Salzburg across the Austrian border. It'll be an event since the border is technically closed? Let's see.

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