European Jaunt // Intro

As a quick introduction post, I am at this very moment getting ready to take off for two weeks in Europe. Yikes.

I've been talking about wanting to go to Norway for a few months and it's actually coming together. Norway is a "giant" country with many beautiful far-flung villages... and it would be lovely to visit them but we are focusing on the quick highlights. After that, it'll be joining a family trip in Germany and Munich. I'm not one for big crowds so Oktoberfest will be quite the event to witness... but I'm sure that it'll be great.

As a little expectation setting for the next two weeks:
- I've packed only leggings essentially and white t-shirts
- I have two types of Dramamine
- I'm traveling with my favorite travel companion.... my sister
- I anticipated a whole lot of train riding
- I will be very upset if my pretzel count doesn't equal my pizza count from Italy

So, here it goes!

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