Oslo to Munich // Day 4

I'm absolutely 100% still thinking about how good our dinner was last night. I mean that halibut ... so good. Another thing that is very overwhelming? Oktoberfest. That is no joke. A whole mess of people who care a lot about big ole beers, appropriately festive clothing, and thankfully pretzels. 

But before we could get to Oktoberfest, we had to actually leave Oslo. Despite not completely loving Oslo, I would absolutely come back to Norway. This may sound simple or crass, but Norway is like Maine on drugs. The principles are the same. Beautiful vistas, amazing coastline, little nooks and cranny towns. I think it's the kind of place where you could get in a car and bounce between towns for a week.

Bye Oslo
Getting to the airport from downtown is super easy. Getting through security at the airport? Not as easy. The airport is beautiful but, in the spirit of clean Scandinavian design ... they leave out any signage on rules. K lost her beloved face refreshing spray. It was apparently "forbidden"... and I had to take apart both my bags for inspection. Thanks Norway! We won't miss you.
Hello Oktoberfest
How to know you are in Germany? A bunch of people are wearing lederhosen on the flight. And I don't mean, just 3. After a half travel day, we pretty much went straight from the airport to Oktoberfest. To be clear, I'm not normally this wild. I would have had a nice lunch, lingered, checked out a church or two and called it a day. But, my grandfather came to Germany essentially to go to this Oktoberfest... so off we went. 

I hadn't done much research at all about Oktoberfest to be honest - so I was completely surprised by the whole atmosphere. The tents are beyond big and crowded but with a really great atmosphere. In the middle of the afternoon, it was even more crowded - especially in a popular tent like the Hofbrauhaus. I have absolutely zero pictures because I was honestly so overwhelmed. After sweet talking our way into a shared table with some fellow Americans, we snacked on some deliciously giant pretzels. Other events? A not small fight and our tablemates doing "snuff". All the while my grandfather is smiling ear to ear. Not phased by any of this. So amazing.

Recommendations? Go before noon and print a map of the fairgrounds. Also, bring cash because you don't want to miss the pretzels and nobody takes credit cards.
Dinner & Calling it a day
We called it a day pretty early... but that's totally fine with me. One of the best parts about being in Europe is all the outdoor dining. We had an easy dinner at Bohne & Malz which was around the corner from my parents hotel. K and I were staying just a smidge away at the Marriott which was sweetly positioned near the train station... and in the red light district. Cute.

Tomorrow? Running around Munich like crazy.

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