Salzburg // Day 8

Having really handled the majority of the Salzburg city sights the day before, today was theoretically a lighter day. If by lighter you mean, more walking and to things further apart. Salzburg is pretty well known for being the home of "The Sound of Music". I really wish I had watched the movie before we came because it would have been a great primer. Another time - or maybe just the flight home.

While the rest of the family was off at Eagle's Nest (not a Boston College reference), K and I ran around the city to the tune of 9.6 miles. In a theoretically embarrassing turn of events, we ate lunch and dinner at the exact same restaurant with the exact same waiter... who was also our waiter the night before. What? We like what we like. Also, it was shockingly hard to get a table in Salzburg so that was part of the rationale.

Mirabell Gardens
If you are wondering at all where the tourists go in Salzburg, it is here. That being said, we still enjoyed the gardens. I'm half expecting Dad to attempt decoratively planting begonias in the middle of his yard next year. We obviously didn't go inside the palace but walked around the rose gardens, the troll statues and the hedge maze. 

Fun parts? The hedge maze is often pinned on Pinterest ... and while special in real life ... does not quite match the Photoshopped images of the internet. Also, there are the human statues here that paint themselves all silver. Long story short, one of them touched K's shoulder and made a smooch sound. She announced she was going to rip off his hand. Cute moments everywhere!
Cafe Tomaselli
After treking around the city and finding the brewery closed, Cafe Tomaselli was a small lifesaver. We climbed the small spiral staircase and found a table overlooking the square. Many reviews call this place a "must" during your visit... and I would agree. It's a little respite from the crowds and has a great relaxing atmosphere. A+.

Nonnberg Abbey
Admittedly I didn't read any reviews or details about this before making us climb the hill to it. All I knew was that it was part of the Sound of Music. You get here essentially by climbing a bunch of stairs that are nestled in between houses on the side of the city. It is the absolute definition of quiet and peace. There are no tours or families or buses or anything - perfect place for an abbey. I think it is actually the oldest convent in Germany. Funny part? They make you pay to turn the lights on in the chapel. Smart ladies.
St. Peter's Cemetery & Catacombs (Petersfriedhof)
We snuck a few peeks at the cemetery the day before but had really wanted to dedicate some time to this - and I don't regret it. I'm not a cemetery person but this was really quite unique and special at least compared to American standards. Each family grave is full of planted flowers, perhaps a little "bird bath" type thing, candles, etc. Some of the graves go back to the late 1700s but are still in great condition. We spotted a few unique ones: a Ugandan priest (buried in the 60s) and an American soldier who must have married a local (we think).

The Catacombs were free for the day - which made them worth the trip. It was pretty different and offered a great aerial view of the St. Peter's area... but not better than the Fortress at all.

Eating at Zirkelwirt
We tried to eat at other places - trust me - but this just kept being the best option. I finally had the Goulash soup for lunch and it was amazing. For dinner, we had some mixing of new and old items. K had the venison stew and I had the spaetzle. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let us buy the mugs.... sad face.

Tomorrow? On to Vienna!

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