(Not a) case of the Mondays

Normally Mondays are fine days, I wake up early but it all seems just a bit rushed until I get to the hotel at night. I celebrate the end of the day by ordering a bacon cheese burger from room service with extra crispy fries. Last week I forgot to tell them to bring BBQ sauce.... and they sent it anyway. I'm a creature of habit, sue me.

But today... what a great Monday... and I'd like to show you why. It was a great combo of leggings, comfy chairs, and comfort food...
Cat shirt with a cozy cat... she's not fighting me too much
packing for Boca ... I'm only bringing bathing suits and sundresses. That'll be fine right?
Afternoon cruise by the ocean. Looks cold. Really cold.
Crazy tasty BLT from Circe's Grotto...

My comfy chair ... I feel like I should be able to have one of these in NYC.
Afternoon break watching Golden Girls.... under multiple layers of quilts. Perfect.
Took a lovely bath... and had a visitor come and join me.

In 3 days, I'll be in sunny Florida with Baby Sister ... and that'll be great... but nothing beats a great day like today. Plus I'm finally not sore from doing lunges at the gym... so that's also a win.

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  1. Wow, you are not only addicted to Circe's but you are also a criminal...that is MY chair


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