Utah Siblings Trip // Day 0

After the success of our Seattle Siblings Trip last year, we have elected to try the whole thing again - except in Utah.

There is something a bit wholesome about taking a family vacation to national parks. It’s just fun to explore the great outdoors and drive around for 5 days. And just like last time, we’ve filled our bags with preventative snacks. Nobody wants to get a case of the hangries. 

We do have a rough plan for the trip. We’ll be flying into Vegas and out of Salt Lake City. In between those two destinations we are going to hit up enough national parks that it makes sense to buy a yearly pass. In hindsight, we should have actually done this last year. 

Some rough expectations for the trip? Lots of natural beauty. Lots of leggings. Lots of driving. Outside of that, we’ll see how it goes. 

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