Eleanor: Year 5

It is sometimes hard to believe that Eleanor and I have been roommates for so long.

I wrote a blog post about her after her first year and when she first showed up - and this feels long over due. As I write this, she’s sleeping on the pillow next to me. Not next to it, but on it. She likes it that way. Things Eleanor does not like?
  • cat trees // I’ve bought her two varieties but she will not go past the first level. She doesn’t like to be unsteady… so they are just too wobbly for her.
  • wind // Right now, we are living by the beach so it’s very windy at times. She hates the wind. When it’s too windy, she stays under the covers.
  • the roomba // I honestly would have thought this would have gotten better, but Eleanor also hates the roomba
So what does she love?
  • me // she follows me around the house and comes when I tell her we are going to bed.
  • men // specifically men who sit down so she can paw at them and try and sit in their lap
  • screened porches // the closest she’ll get to being outside. She’s a people/bird watcher. When we lived in the North End, she used to love to sit in the windows and look at the street. 
  • laying in the sun // Her favorite place to nap is at the foot of my bed or on the sheep rug
  • my electric blanket // so this is seasonal of course, but Eleanor is immediately drawn to this. She normally sits next to me on the couch during tv time but if the blanket is out, she’ll make exceptions.
  • Ruby // Whenever my parents dog is over, she runs to see her and follows her around the house
  • select toys // for some reason she’s always loved these dumb cheap catnip carrots from Amazon. She also started to love these catnip sticks that I saw over Christmas.
But - the best part about Eleanor is that she tries to take care of me. Two years ago when I was really sick with a fever, she stayed close to me all night and left her paw on my arm. I know this sounds crazy but she only does that when she knows I’m not feeling well. She doesn’t speak English (yet) but she does her best.

Also, she didn’t murder me when I dressed her up for a “seasonal calendar” as a Christmas present to my mom. 

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