That's a wrap on Utah

And that's the wrap on our Utah Siblings Trip 2018!

We've always been a close trifecta but these trips are such a great opportunity to reconnect. I remember the magic of last year and wondered if it was a fluke. This trip was different than the last one but the magic was still there. I love the instant inside jokes. The hours spent driving in the car. The constant need for snacks.

We really covered a lot. Here is the rundown of some numbers:
5 National Parks
2 hotels
2 cabins
1061 miles driven
3 gas station trips
2 lunches skipped
2 bags of beef jerky
1 flight delay
3 cats found
1 winery
3 states (Nevada, Arizona, Utah)
3 airports (Boston, Vegas, SLC)
1 Arby's trip

National Parks (Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands)
Hotels (Red Cliffs Lodge, Capitol Reef Resort, Bryce Valley Cabins, Majestic View Lodge)
Towns (Moab, Springdale, Tropic)
Breakfast (Oscar's, Jailhouse, Red Cliff's Lodge, Ruby's)
Dinner (Rim Rock Patio, Bit & Spur, Olive Garden, Red Canyon Lodge)

I'm not sure what our next trip will be but I think we know the secret sauce of what makes it all work. I hope that we can do this every year but I know that might not always be feasible. Just imagine (hopefully) that in future we are all leaving behind spouses and kids for this annual 4 day jaunt. A really special, magical tradition.

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