winter weekends

Recently it has been a real struggle to get any form of exercise. There is no one real failure point ... but really like three. New Job. Windy, cold weather. And the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. All the Hallmark movies. But, given these factors I'm still giving it a concerted effort to get out there at least once a weekend and see a new trail. I am absolutely failing at accomplishing any physical activity during the week .... so weekends are important. See the Fitbit stats below for evidence. Terrible.
So on Sunday, I charged up my iPhone, grabbed my camera, and headed out on errands. After buying two boxes of Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes (embarrassing), I landed at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield. I don't think I've ever been on these small trails before but I'll definitely be back. There isn't a whole lot to see here in terms of miles of trails - but you can walk through a big ole field, along a winding path through the woods, and check out the North River. It's really worth a walk to the river. 

This week it has been especially cold - and rumors of snow tonight - but, I'm in a pretty good place preparing for Christmas. Hopefully, I can cross off another trail before the work week starts again.

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