my christmas card

After sending my first photo Christmas card last year, there was zero hesitation that I would send one this year. I broke the seal on whether it was appropriate for a single woman without children to send pictures of herself via snail mail - and I was not turning back.

I actually had to work a little harder for this one. Last year's card kind of fell in my lap - but there were no new designs for someone with more than 20 pictures. Shocking. So, I ended up cropping all the photos myself and putting the grid together via Powerpoint. I actually downloaded a Photoshop trial and it was too damn complicated and stressful.

Looking at the card gives me the same exciting, sentimental feeling that reading old blog posts does. I love looking at each photo and seeing how the year progressed. I like to think it's a little bit of a game for my friends and family to try and find themselves - or guess where each picture was taken. After tagging a bunch of photos in my phone, I initially started with a whole bunch of pictures of blueberry donuts, tomatoes, and hot dogs ... which does feel shockingly accurate. I did manage to cull it down to like one hot dog picture.

Merriest Christmas & Happiest New Year!

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  1. LOVED your christmas card! Bits and pieces of the Jen we all love. Merry Christmas to you and the family!


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