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I was talking to this guy at work the other day about home automation... and how one of the best perks is that I can turn on all the Christmas trees before I get home. To which he responded "... all the trees? how many trees are there?"  So yeah, I have four trees now which is double what I had last year.

I still have Marshall in my main hang out room and kept it exactly as it was last year. Even down to the wrapping paper. But, I fell in love with a white tree on Instagram and so now that one is in the hallway. Then, I volunteered to host Christmas morning breakfast... and that snowballed into tree number 4. To be clear, this tree had been in the attic so I didn't need to buy a new one. I just needed to haul it down three flights of stairs and untangle the branches.
["Marshall" // Hallway // Bedroom]
Given the colored lights and wanting to keep it simple, I had visions of a heavy white garland. And after two YouTube videos and a trip to Michaels, I had all the tools I needed to make a whole lot of pompoms. I also had a whole Saturday night to make all the pompoms. So a mere 5-6 hours later, I was the proud parent of 50+ giant white yarn pompoms. I'll be honest, when I realized that I needed about 15 more to complete the garland I decided to make less than that and just not do the back of the tree. Cheaters can win.

I never thought I would love a tree with colored lights... but I was wrong. This babe is growing on me.

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