Oh Miami // Day 1

Well nothing says a start to a winter vacation like a threatening blizzard and landing in a rain storm... right? Meghan and I planned this long weekend a little spontaneously to take advantage of some work travel. Although we almost cancelled due to the allure slash fear of missing the blizzard, we pushed on through. The plan is essentially to take a few days in the warm weather and visit the Turtle Hospital in the Keys. That's it. Anything else will be gravy.

So while a Miami landing shrouded in rain isn't a highlight, the rest of the weekend looks pretty solid - or so we hope. I’m not sure the last time I was on a vacation in the pouring rain. I’m sure it’s happened but I just can’t really remember a time it sidelined the day so much. The half day was spent getting in the hotel gym and people watching in the lobby. The lobby doesn’t have a moment of quiet with music blasting and beyond expensive sandwiches … but there is always a price to pay for people watching.

Despite the heavy rain, we ventured out to a seriously delicious dinner at Maccialina. Miami Beach has some oddly heavy traffic. It took us over 45 minutes to drive 3 miles. I can’t stop thinking about how tasty our meal was. We split the burrata prosciutto appetizer – of which every bite was perfectly salty. I ordered the beet pasta because I can’t resist beets and I hate the mess they make in my own kitchen.

Tomorrow? Headed to the Keys. We tucked ourselves in bed by 10 pm tonight which is literally the opposite of our previous trip here. We had dinner reservations at 10 pm that trip. This time, we are watching Bloodlines on Netflix because it apparently takes place just where we are going tomorrow.

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