If I won the lottery...

I'm not a betting woman. There are probably two main reasons for this. I hate losing and I hate wasting money. All that being said, the Powerball is at $1+ BILLION dollars. I'm just not even sure what one person does with that much money. So, I figured I'd make a list of what I would do if I won the lottery.

While there isn't an exact order to this, I guess it probably isn't that far off.
  • call my lawyer
  • pay off my remaining student loans from grad school. I hate having debts - regardless of whether it is a favor or money. 
  • buy any remaining ocean front land in the Glades peninsula near where I live. It's my favorite place in the (local) world.
  • become certified to teach yoga. I want to teach yoga not to make money but to give it to more people like kids and "older" people.
  • Send my sister to yoga teacher school. 
  • Upgrade my DSLR.
  • Go back to Italy - and actually take a pasta making class. I have no desire to take one in America.
  • Hire Joanna Gaines as the designer for my house.
  • Buy myself an old Defender
  • Get my brother season tickets to the Celtics and Red Sox.
  • Let my parents retire
  • Buy an antique greenhouse
I don't have wild aspirations. I'm not one to shop, I like doing things myself, and I like old stuff. But I do know for certain that there are things I just would not do:
  • Fix the radio in my car. It's 15+ years old. We've past the age of CDs .. and I don't care that sometimes turning the volume down... actually turns it up. I think its cute.
  • Buy a local store. I have no desire to own a shop.
  • Get a private chef. I will always love to cook for myself.
  • Get a round the world plane ticket. Part of the fun is coming back after a few weeks and re-calibrating. I think my limit is 2 weeks away.
  • Get a year-round supply of Christmas Tree Cake desserts. It's a good thing that I'm limited seasonally. I love them too much.
In the meantime, I'm going to keep scanning all my family pictures myself because that shit is expensive to pay people for. My mom bought us all tickets - so I'll be sure to check those numbers in the morning when I wake up before sunrise to commute 90 minutes to work.

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