Belated Christmas Post

In my mind, it is still Christmas. That is because I refuse to take down my tree and lights - or get rid of the poinsettias I have around the fireplace. Whatever, I live alone. Eleanor and I still think it's a win to watch Netflix and gaze at all the lights. Don't care.

This year for the first time I sent out a photo Christmas card. I've wanted to do this for YEARS. But honestly always felt like I wasn't entitled to it. I know that sounds a little ridiculous - but I'm not married, I don't have kids, I don't have grand kids. People with dogs send them - but I didn't want to look like a crazy cat lady with a picture of Eleanor. To be clear, nobody ever told me I wasn't allowed to send a photo card. I just felt like I wasn't. I didn't want it to seem self-indulgent for a giant picture of me along with my seasonal well wishes.

Then, I started to get some cards in the mail. And I said fuck it. This year was one for the books - in many ways good and bad. But in all of it, there was this phenomenal support system that was meeting me for pizza, liking pictures on Instagram, and in some cases sending some thoughtful care packages. And in some ways, the Christmas card was in honor of them encouraging me on my way in 2015.

I started by going through my phone pictures from start to finish. I tagged them as favorites and figured I'd go through those to winnow down to a few hits. By some sense of magic, I tagged the EXACT number of photos needed for this card - and if that doesn't seem like kismet then just walk away. After I ordered the card, I just kept looking at the digital proof again and again. I loved the story it told from start to finish. Not that it was a competition but I got some pretty great messages from friends after receiving them.
On the front of the card it says "Best. Year. Ever". The first thing my sister said when she opened it was "so was it the best year ever?". Instinctively, I said probably not - but it's hard to say. I was given some opportunities that I won't have again any time soon. Daytrips to Portland. Blueberry picking with my brother. Taking trains through Europe with my grandfather. Packing up my beloved apartment. That kind of does make it the best year ever - and the goal to top it in 2016.

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